Elder Massacre

What is the Elder Massacre.

On 13th Day of Second Harvest, Kazalr Copperbeard told you that less than 10 years ago, during one of the Elder gathering, one of the elders murdered in what was described by witnesses as a fit of insanity, all the other elders except for one, who was gravely injured.

Soon after, armor, lethal weapons beyond hunting ones were deemed illegal as it had been almost a decade since no external visitors good or bad had shown itself in Hommlet , no one really objected to the idea.

Thanton Q: Was there other witnesses to the massacre? (How do we know the elder that we have isn’t the insane one if he’s the only survivor? )

Kazalr Answer: Yes, the elders did not have their meetings in private, it was an open affair, there were other witnesses, many were also injured. I for one was not there that night.

Elder Massacre

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