Primordial Spark

October 4th 2011 notes
First day of the Second Harvest
  • All the character’s mentors or parents were around the usual table at the Silver Sparrow they told their ward that they had to go, but they can not tell them where they will be going, they will be back in a week and everything will be clear when they are back and the next phase will start.
  • On the 7th day the parents were not at Hawkeye’s tea shack as they agreed, they were not in town at all by the end of the 8th day, but at the end of the 8th day 7 people chased a wolf into the fermenting tea zone to kill the “Unpures”, which they refereed to the wolf and Damien as “unpure ones”
October 11th 2011 Notes
8th day of the Second Harvest
  • The wolf shifted/transformed into Hawkeye (possible lycothrope?). Hawkeye is dieing and poisoned, Damien spends his time trying to revive/save Hawkeye.
  • Thanton and Robert chase after 2 humans that tried to run away (they failed and were killed by Thanton).
  • Hawkeye gives Damien a locket (named a Primodial Locket) and there is a Primodial Spark inside the locket, Damien touched the spark and it was absorbed into his body, and then when Hawkeye later died a Spark left his body and was captured into the locket.
  • Before Hawkeye breathed his last breath he told the adventurers to talk to Ostler (the ale lord).
  • When our beloved champions approached Ostler and told him (discretely) that Hawkeye was dead and that they needed to talk to him, Ostler became uneasy about this so he asked them to return when he closed.
    Our champions met Ostler after closing at the Silver Sparrow and learned that he use to help the champions parents (double crit!!!) and he agreed to help the champions as well as give them items the champions parents left for them (this happened because the champions [not the paladin] bluffed *cough lied cough that they knew some dirt about him from Hawkeye). *Ostler showed the champions a secret room under the kitchen that contained adventureing packs and the supplies/weapons for the champions.
    There was also 8 more Primodial Lockets, 5 of which contained a Spark. All the champions absorbed their first Spark and when Thanton tried to absorb more then 1 at a time nothing happened (other then pain).
The Wager
10th day of the Second Harvest

The Dwarven blacksmith of the town has recently lost one of his brother in the town mine. Thanton has placed a wager of a very large ingot of iron that he will be able to bring the brother back or at least his body, if he fails to do so then the blacksmith will get the ingot for his personal use.

Into the Forbidden mines we go.
11th day of the Second Harvest

No one has been in the town for decades – Hendrix, has been in the town for a century
Missing dwarf is in the Forbidden Mine.
Found a 100lb bag full of iron ingots 4 battle axes 1 long sword.
In the forbidden mine there was a 2 groups of monsters, we killed them.

Deeper into the mines together.
12th day of the Second Harvest

Two new would-be adventurers show their faces. Liliana, Thanton’s sister, is worried over where her brother has gotten off to, and joins Fain on the way to the mines. On the way, they meet with November, who is curious about the unusual number of people heading to the mines, and tags along to check it out. They head inside.

The mines are dark, very dark. The torch light illuminates untouched store rooms and tunnel walls as they continue onwards. Suddenly, a gruff voice sounds. “Who goes there! Friend or foe?”. A dwarf emerges from the darkness, presumably one of the Copperbeards. After being told that the group of 3 is here to meet up with the rest of the party, he leads them down a number of stairs to a mineshaft of unknown depth. He bids them to follow him as he scrambles nimbly down a chain, descending into the depths. November quickly follows, showing no difficulty doing so. Fain tries to follow, but his grip slips and begins to fall! Liliana reacts instantly, leaping and catching him in mid-air before grabbing hold of the chain. Nice catch.

At the bottom of the shaft they are pointed to the passage leading to the Forbidden Mines. Their dwarf guide will go no further, considering them fools for going in there. The trio continue on, lighting a second torch to shed more light in the cramped, dwarf sized passage. The passage is long and winding, with the sounds of their progress echoing ahead and behind them. Very long. Very, very, long. Sound is heard up ahead! Soon enough, the two party’s are reunited, meeting in the chamber where Thanton, Robert, and Warryn had been recovering from their previous exertions. The fruits of which litter the chamber in the form of weapons and bodies. Clearly they have been busy. Everything is also Thanton’s fault.

The party continues down another hole, to another site of previous combat. Very busy. Moving past that they proceed down a lengthy corridor, only to encounter the DOOR. It is WOODEN and adorned with HINGES of IRON. Sneaking up on the DOOR, Robert listens and hears voices from the other side. The party decides on a dynamic entry. The DOOR was tough, but in the end it was no match for the combined might of the Goliath sibling’s tandem kick. Combat begins.

November starts things off strong with eliminating three warriors with a single shot. But in return two psions and a hulking warrior manage to do savage damage to the party, focusing especially on Thanton and Liliana. Thanks in no small part to Warryn’s bardic songs, the entire party makes it through the fight without dropping. Upon looting the bodies the party finds 8 great axes, 1 morningstar, 2 long swords, 2 gems worth 50gp each, 1 gem worth 20gp, and 13 meals worth of mushrooms.

The mushrooms do much to improve the party’s dwindling food supplies, but the situation is still not looking the best. With only 10 torches and 26 meals remaining it is only a manner of time until they run out of food, and more importantly, light. Progress will have to be made swiftly, otherwise when their last torch burns out they will simply become yet another victim of the forbidden mines, doomed to wander its dark passages forever.
We Found HIM!!!! YA
13th Day of the Second Harvest

We found a person who was drowning in a hole. we killed 7 creatures (4 reptiles, 3 psi dudes.) we also found the brother who had no idea how he got there, who the creatures were, or how he got captured.

He told us about how the one Elder went insane and killed the rest of the Elders except the one we have today.

In Search of our Mentor's....Rock?
Day 46 to 53 of the Second Harvest

Days after joining the militia, Thanton and his fellow conspirators (Warryn, Fain and Robert) manage to trick the Lt of the militia, grab the Captain’s book and review it to see when the good Captain will be making his rounds to the dwellings of the young team.
They discovered that the Captain was a very routine individual and were able to predict when he would show up.

So they delayed their excursion to the mystery location identified by their parents disassembled notes until the morning of the 53rd, after the Captain and the Brodin visited Warryn.

On that morning, the group met on the Northern Road and ventured out into the unknown.
After a short walk into the wood, the encountered a rock formation that seems to be of the similar energy as the spark.

After multiple contacts with the rock, with some painful interaction, the group discovered this:

This door is psychic, use your skills to open me.

Pain comes with failure.
Through power comes pain.

All can partake in opening me.
Only those that partake will suffer in the consequences of failure.
Those that observe will… (missed this part) …their betters.
Self sacrifice can help those in danger.
Access comes from the right request.

Each skill can be used once.
Subsequent attempts lead to your downfall.
As waves continue to crash on the shore, failure… (trails off, possibly is greater?)
Failure will render you useless.
Leaving early can kill you.

Keyholes show obstacles.
The keys are used to unlock the doorway.
Open my locks and my treasures are yours.

Now sure what this all means, but I believe that the group will give it another try.

Encounter in the swamp
Day 55 till 61 of teh Second Harvest

After staying in town for several days, the heroes venture forth to the rock. Inside their mentors secret area, Fain start researching his parents books. He discovered that the men that killed Hawkeye, the Purist, their town is around 10 KM from the rock. The Heroes decide to investigate.

Following the old north road, the heroes emerge into a swamp area. The follow the path to a large tree, they encounter and defeat with the help of Fain’s skills, a Purist patrol.

Welcome to the Sun Tribe.
Day 61 to 63 Second Harvest

The horse of patrol leader ventures back towards the Purist village during the encounter with the Heroes. As the sun sets, activities in the village increases, another patrol leaves the village towards the tree. The heroes decide to make a quick exist back towards the path they came from.

As the night falls, the heroes get lost into the forest. Deep into the night, they interupt a Goblin hunting party, hunting for Elk. They get upset, because the heroes scare the Elk away as Fain fell from the tree he was trying to teleport into.

After a brief talk, the heroes were invited to join the party to their hunting camp where they shared stories of their battle with the purist and food. The party leader invited them to the Sun Tribe village, as they themselves do no like the purist.

They were received well at the village, and met the village Elder, who share with them the potential location of a Old village named Hammlet which dissapered almost 20 years ago. During the conversation, a patrol of the purist arrived at the Sun Tribe village. The Elder hid the Heroes and faced the patrol. After 1 hour of discussion with the patrol left. The Elder informed the Heroes to stay until he could confirm they are trully gone and them let his son guide the Heroes back Home.

Venturing out into the unknown
1st day of the Third Harvest
  • Warryn, Fain and Robert decided to join Thanton in his exile.
  • The Captain allowed them to gather anything they had and allowed them to leave.
  • The heroes ventured into the Valley Forest and headed West.
  • On their second day’s travel, they encountered a man heading downstream
  • The man was a refugee from the village of Treewater
  • he was on his way to get help for other refugees going to the Hermitage in the swamp
  • he asked the Heroes to help him.
  • the hero abliges and tracked down the refugees.
  • They joined the son of the leader of Treewater name Berky and the refugees and arrived at the Hermitage, where Michelle, the owner, ask for their help as the Heritage was attacked not long before by lizardfolk.
  • At dawn, the lizardfolk attacked, several couragous Treewater folk joined the fight and died in their attempt to save the others.
  • The leader of the lizardfolk, ran away when all of his kin died, promessing he would return.

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