Primordial Spark

Wolf in Renderic

3rd day of the Third Harvest (16-17)

Crying Wolf in Renderic

During the festival of flowers in Renderic, a local farmer cried wolf saying his daughter was attacked by a spotted wolf. The heroes went to the farmer and found out from the daughter that the wolf was trying to be her friend.

The heroes followed the trail and saved a bard name Gorik, who was being attacked by 4 Hobgolin’s. The heroes managed to rescue the bard and find out that one of the hunters hired them to stop anyone they encounter.

The heroes continued to follow the wolf trail, heading to Renderic, once their the wolf was discovered in the town market. With hunters all over the place, the heroes entered the market to help the wolf, battle ensued, mistakes were made and the heroes rescued and be-friended the wolf.

The local guard arrived, arrested the hunters and the heroes decided to follow the wolf to….



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