Primordial Spark

Welcome to the Sun Tribe.

Day 61 to 63 Second Harvest

The horse of patrol leader ventures back towards the Purist village during the encounter with the Heroes. As the sun sets, activities in the village increases, another patrol leaves the village towards the tree. The heroes decide to make a quick exist back towards the path they came from.

As the night falls, the heroes get lost into the forest. Deep into the night, they interupt a Goblin hunting party, hunting for Elk. They get upset, because the heroes scare the Elk away as Fain fell from the tree he was trying to teleport into.

After a brief talk, the heroes were invited to join the party to their hunting camp where they shared stories of their battle with the purist and food. The party leader invited them to the Sun Tribe village, as they themselves do no like the purist.

They were received well at the village, and met the village Elder, who share with them the potential location of a Old village named Hammlet which dissapered almost 20 years ago. During the conversation, a patrol of the purist arrived at the Sun Tribe village. The Elder hid the Heroes and faced the patrol. After 1 hour of discussion with the patrol left. The Elder informed the Heroes to stay until he could confirm they are trully gone and them let his son guide the Heroes back Home.


Will the logs be updated past this point?

Welcome to the Sun Tribe.

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