Primordial Spark

Venturing out into the unknown

1st day of the Third Harvest

  • Warryn, Fain and Robert decided to join Thanton in his exile.
  • The Captain allowed them to gather anything they had and allowed them to leave.
  • The heroes ventured into the Valley Forest and headed West.
  • On their second day’s travel, they encountered a man heading downstream
  • The man was a refugee from the village of Treewater
  • he was on his way to get help for other refugees going to the Hermitage in the swamp
  • he asked the Heroes to help him.
  • the hero abliges and tracked down the refugees.
  • They joined the son of the leader of Treewater name Berky and the refugees and arrived at the Hermitage, where Michelle, the owner, ask for their help as the Heritage was attacked not long before by lizardfolk.
  • At dawn, the lizardfolk attacked, several couragous Treewater folk joined the fight and died in their attempt to save the others.
  • The leader of the lizardfolk, ran away when all of his kin died, promessing he would return.



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