Primordial Spark

The lizards are back

2nd day of the Second Harvest.

  • Fain makes a new dangerous new friend.
  • The lizardfolk return and Thanton get a rude introduction to the leader.
  • The heroes manage to keep death at bay, barely.
  • The leader of the lizardfold had a spark.
  • Help arrived with boat and the refugees manage to escape.
  • The lizardfolk uncovered a stone containing primordial power.
  • The heroes, manage to killed the leader and force the others to leave the area.
  • Thanton, Fain and Robert connected with the rock, and appeard into a room.
  • They discovered that the room was some form a portal room.
  • Thanton moved to another area, the smell of cherry pie filled the air.
  • With more lizardfolk approaching the area. The trio pulled their allies in, and appeard….



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