Primordial Spark

Onward to Copperhaven

The Heroes and companions vacate the ruins having closed the portal successfully. Making their way back to the Dwarven caravan to regroup and relocate Maruf, and en route to Copperhaven. “Hi Ho”. Almost half a days travel the party arrives at the well known entrance to below and onto a longer trek still towards Copperhaven at last. As the dwarven caravan and heroes begin their descent via chain lift, they encounter some problems with a small skirmish in the entrance below. The party decides to continue through a door onto further trouble still. Another battle and an unfortunate end to a copperbeard clan member named Hashguard, under a seemingly odd pscionic sort of trance. But before his death he divulges to the party about a raid which took more dwarves and their children away from Copperhaven. The party discovers an ancient magic intercom to speak directly to Copperhaven confirming these facts and the knowledge to make haste as there is little time to find the source of the raids and the location of the children.



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