Primordial Spark

In Search of our Mentor's....Rock?

Day 46 to 53 of the Second Harvest

Days after joining the militia, Thanton and his fellow conspirators (Warryn, Fain and Robert) manage to trick the Lt of the militia, grab the Captain’s book and review it to see when the good Captain will be making his rounds to the dwellings of the young team.
They discovered that the Captain was a very routine individual and were able to predict when he would show up.

So they delayed their excursion to the mystery location identified by their parents disassembled notes until the morning of the 53rd, after the Captain and the Brodin visited Warryn.

On that morning, the group met on the Northern Road and ventured out into the unknown.
After a short walk into the wood, the encountered a rock formation that seems to be of the similar energy as the spark.

After multiple contacts with the rock, with some painful interaction, the group discovered this:

This door is psychic, use your skills to open me.

Pain comes with failure.
Through power comes pain.

All can partake in opening me.
Only those that partake will suffer in the consequences of failure.
Those that observe will… (missed this part) …their betters.
Self sacrifice can help those in danger.
Access comes from the right request.

Each skill can be used once.
Subsequent attempts lead to your downfall.
As waves continue to crash on the shore, failure… (trails off, possibly is greater?)
Failure will render you useless.
Leaving early can kill you.

Keyholes show obstacles.
The keys are used to unlock the doorway.
Open my locks and my treasures are yours.

Now sure what this all means, but I believe that the group will give it another try.



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