Primordial Spark

Enter the Marut

8th day of the Third Harvest

Back in town the adventurers enjoy the festivities, while Gareth goes through a guilt training session. The town Alchemist asks for an escort to gather ingrediants since his regular shipment has stopped and no word was heard from Lindly which usually delivers. The dwarven Bronze Beard merchant caravan comes into town though the advanturers don’t reconize anyone. After talking with a merchants it comes to light that he is originally from the same village as 2 of the adventures and they got lost in a mine shaft long ago and never found their way back so they founded another village. A tall stranger and a mad man walk into town, the stranger requests that the madman leave him alone and when asked for a statement the mad man gets thrown into jail for the night. Gareth inquires about news and rumours from the stranger which responds that the only thing of note are rumors of marauding orcs up north. After a couple days the adventurers joined by Gareth from the guard a cleric from the bronze beards, the stranger and the madman the adventurer set off towards Lindly

On route towards Lindly, sounds of a large battle are heard comming from a distance. The ranger and the rogue scout ahead and they see a group of unknown humanoids training. After a diplomatic exchange, the humanoids call themselves the Marut and offer their help. The group traval on and are joined by “Marut” a member of their race that has at least a basic understanding of common.



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