Primordial Spark

Deeper into the mines together.

12th day of the Second Harvest

Two new would-be adventurers show their faces. Liliana, Thanton’s sister, is worried over where her brother has gotten off to, and joins Fain on the way to the mines. On the way, they meet with November, who is curious about the unusual number of people heading to the mines, and tags along to check it out. They head inside.

The mines are dark, very dark. The torch light illuminates untouched store rooms and tunnel walls as they continue onwards. Suddenly, a gruff voice sounds. “Who goes there! Friend or foe?”. A dwarf emerges from the darkness, presumably one of the Copperbeards. After being told that the group of 3 is here to meet up with the rest of the party, he leads them down a number of stairs to a mineshaft of unknown depth. He bids them to follow him as he scrambles nimbly down a chain, descending into the depths. November quickly follows, showing no difficulty doing so. Fain tries to follow, but his grip slips and begins to fall! Liliana reacts instantly, leaping and catching him in mid-air before grabbing hold of the chain. Nice catch.

At the bottom of the shaft they are pointed to the passage leading to the Forbidden Mines. Their dwarf guide will go no further, considering them fools for going in there. The trio continue on, lighting a second torch to shed more light in the cramped, dwarf sized passage. The passage is long and winding, with the sounds of their progress echoing ahead and behind them. Very long. Very, very, long. Sound is heard up ahead! Soon enough, the two party’s are reunited, meeting in the chamber where Thanton, Robert, and Warryn had been recovering from their previous exertions. The fruits of which litter the chamber in the form of weapons and bodies. Clearly they have been busy. Everything is also Thanton’s fault.

The party continues down another hole, to another site of previous combat. Very busy. Moving past that they proceed down a lengthy corridor, only to encounter the DOOR. It is WOODEN and adorned with HINGES of IRON. Sneaking up on the DOOR, Robert listens and hears voices from the other side. The party decides on a dynamic entry. The DOOR was tough, but in the end it was no match for the combined might of the Goliath sibling’s tandem kick. Combat begins.

November starts things off strong with eliminating three warriors with a single shot. But in return two psions and a hulking warrior manage to do savage damage to the party, focusing especially on Thanton and Liliana. Thanks in no small part to Warryn’s bardic songs, the entire party makes it through the fight without dropping. Upon looting the bodies the party finds 8 great axes, 1 morningstar, 2 long swords, 2 gems worth 50gp each, 1 gem worth 20gp, and 13 meals worth of mushrooms.

The mushrooms do much to improve the party’s dwindling food supplies, but the situation is still not looking the best. With only 10 torches and 26 meals remaining it is only a manner of time until they run out of food, and more importantly, light. Progress will have to be made swiftly, otherwise when their last torch burns out they will simply become yet another victim of the forbidden mines, doomed to wander its dark passages forever.



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